Sevilla Cathedral

Hey everyone!

Last weekend we visited the Sevilla Cathedral and took some great pictures and videos! We were lucky enough to have Mark’s brother (Matt) visiting us, so we were able to explore the Cathedral all together. It is the third largest Cathedral in the world and is definitely a must-see when visiting Sevilla! You can find our video blog about the Cathedral at the bottom of this post, but check out some of these pictures first!

We had to use the wide angle on the Go-Pro to capture the entire Cathedral in the picture with us!

The most interesting part about the Cathedral is the Giralda. This 343 foot high bell tower was once the former minaret of a mosque. After the Spanish Re-conquest (which took the Catholics over 700 years to defeat the Moors for control over Spain), the Mosque was transformed into a massive Cathedral and the Giralda became a bell tower. (The picture below is one of my favorites–but I had to sit on the ground to capture the whole tower in the picture!!)

Matt looking up at the Giralda!

It costs 8 euros to enter the Cathedral (but 4 euros if you show a student ID & are younger than 25). It is definitely worth spending the money and there is a lot to see inside. The magnificent gold Altar is known as one of the finest altarpieces in the world. You can also see the tomb of Christopher Columbus (who left for his journey to America rom Sevilla)!

The columns in the Cathedral are massive!
IMG_1700 (1)
The Tomb of Christopher Columbus…To put things in perspective, my head barely reaches the feet of the statues when standing next to it!
The Altar of the Cathedral. (Again we had to use the Go-pro to get the entire shot!)

The best part of visiting to the Cathedral is climbing to the top of the Giralda for the most incredible 360 view of the city! Although I must warn you that there are ramps (not stairs) to the top, so it feels like a never ending up-hill hike for 36 levels, but it is definitely worth the view!! (You can re-live our trek to the top in our video blog below!)

View over the Cathedral from the Giralda
The people look like ants in the Plaza below!
Overlooking the entire city!

Now check out our Video Blog on the Sevilla Cathedral here! Let us know what you think!!

Much love, Amanda

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