Algarve Beaches

Hello everyone,

Now that we are finished sharing our Italian adventures with you, it’s time to write about we’ve been up to these last few weeks. We were lucky enough to have two very good friends from the U.S. visit us back to back, and both times we took a trip to Portugal with them!

Albufeira, Portugal

At the end of April, one of my college roommates, Jess came to visit us for a long weekend. On one day, we took a quick trip to Albufeira, Portugal, along the Algarve. Most of our beach day involved us lounging around, soaking up the sun and having a quick swim. We were lucky enough to have perfect weather! Check out a few photos from our time there!

Jess and me
Mark on top of a cliff, overlooking the beach
Setting up camp for the day
Enjoying some drinks with a view!

A day after Jess left, a friend who I studied abroad in Spain with (Kristina) came to visit. We had planned a weekend getaway, this time in Lagos, Portugal (a place we had both visited before and fell in love with when we studied abroad). However, this time, we had some bad luck and it rained almost the entire weekend!

Exploring the old town in the rain

We were able to make the most of our weekend though, by going out for food and drinks, exploring the old town and doing some shopping. The nightlife in Lagos is very fun too, there are a lot of bars and places to go dancing, all within walking distance of each other.

Kristina and me

After our five hour bus ride from Sevilla to Lagos, we were relieved to check into our hostel (Ocean View Lagos) and head out for some dinner and drinks. Our first stop was Nah Nah Bah, a place that Kristina and I had been to before and were eager to get back to! The environment is very fun, but the number one reason to go is for the BURGERS! Their Toucan Burger made the world’s best 50 burgers list! After filling up on some great food, we headed out for drinks!

Burgers at Nah Nah Bah

On Saturday, we were able to sleep off our crazy night before heading out to do some shopping. The following evening we grabbed dinner at a place called Beats & Burritos, which lets you design your own burrito! After a few drinks we called it an early night in the hopes that we would see sun in the morning!


And what do you know, our wish came true! For about two short hours the clouds burned up and the sun came out! We packed our bags and headed to the cliff walk for some of the most stunning views in Lagos!


After walking for a while along the cliffs, we decided to hike down to a small beach that we saw from above. We couldn’t help ourselves and quickly did a wardrobe change so we could dip our feet in the water.


We also discovered a hidden cove, where the light shined in through the top! It was so beautiful.


We eventually changed into our bathing suits because the sun felt so good on our skin! The Algarve is the Southern coastline of Portugal and is known for beautiful orange rocks.


After running around the beach, enjoying the sunshine, the clouds began to roll in again and it was time for us to pack up our things and be on our way. As we were walking from the beach to the city center, it began to rain again! We had our moment in the sun (literally). We were able to grab some lunch to go and catch a 1:45 bus back to Sevilla!


Although it rained most of our weekend, we were able to eat some great food and have some good laughs! Sometimes you have to adapt when you’re traveling (and weather is one thing you can never truly plan for). This past weekend we visited Munich, Germany and Salzburg, Austria, so stay tuned for some posts about that!

Bom Dia! Amanda

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