The Ultimate Guide to Sevilla

Hey everyone! In case you missed it, we love Sevilla! It’s our favorite city in Spain and a place we call our second home! There is so much to do and see. Since we’ve had a few visitors throughout the past year, we’ve figured out the perfect places to go as a tourist. Below I’ve listed the things to do in Sevilla, in order of priority / best things to see.


Sevilla is a great vacation destination! Since it is in the South of Spain, it is cheaper than large cities like Madrid and Barcelona. The weather is amazing almost all year (except for their super hot summers). It’s even close to other cities, like Ronda, Jerez, Cadiz (where you can find some beautiful beaches) and even Granada / Malaga aren’t far! Check out our Ultimate Guide to Sevilla!


Plaza de España

IMG_7369 (1)

  • Cost: Free
    • (You can rent a row boat for 6 euros for a 1/2 hour to ride along the small canal)
  • Info:
    • This is our favorite place in the city!! It’s so beautiful and worth a stroll around
    • Some scenes from Star Wars were filmed here
    • Originally built for a World’s Fair but now used for government offices

Cathedral & La Giralda


  • Cost: 9 euros
    • Includes climbing to the top of the Giralda
    • There is a discount for students, so bring your ID
  • Info:
    • 3rd largest Cathedral in the world
    • Best view of Sevilla at the top of the Giralda
    • The tomb of Christopher Columbus is inside the Cathedral
    • Hours: 8:00am-2:00pm / 4:00pm-7:00pm (Hours vary by season)
View from the top of the Giralda

Real Alcazar de Sevilla


  • Cost: 9 euros
    • There is a discount for students, so bring your ID
  • Info:
    • Old Palace originally built by the Moors when they ruled Spain
    • Scenes of Game of Thrones were filmed here (The Gardens of Dorne)
    • Take time to explore the gardens in the Alcazar, they’re beautiful
    • Hours: 9:30am-7:00pm (Hours vary by season)
The gardens of the Alcazar

Las Setas (Metropol Parasol)


  • Cost: 3 euros (to go to the top)
  • Info:
    • Usually includes a voucher for a free drink at the top (if the bar is open)
    • Great view of Sevilla (nice idea to visit at sunset)
    • Built over Roman Ruins (you can see them from the entrance underneath)
    • Hours: 10:00am-11:00pm
View from the top of Las Setas

Parque Maria Luisa


  • Cost: Free
    • You can rent bikes for cheap to ride around the Park (they even have bikes for groups of 4 & 6 available)
  • Info:
    • Very shady area, good for a picnic on a hot day
    • Close to Plaza de España

Torre del Oro


  • Cost: 4-5 euros
    • Free to go inside on Mondays
  • Info:
    • Museum on the inside
    • View of the River / Cathedral from the top
    • This is the location where Christopher Columbus left to discover the America’s
    • Hours: 10:30am-6:45pm
View from the top of the Torre del Oro

Although sightseeing is a big part of any trip, you’re also going to want to experience some Spanish food! Here are a few of our recommendations when visiting the city.


  • Patatas Bravas (potatoes in a spicy sauce)
  • Patatas Alioli (potatoes in a garlic sauce)
  • Tortilla de patatas (potatoes and eggs)
  • Croquetas (usually fried cheese / potato / ham mixtures)
  • Flamenquin (fried ham & cheese rolls)
  • Solomillo al whiskey (slow cooked pork in a sauce)
  • Ensaladia Russa
  • Carracoles (little snails cooked in a flavored sauce)
  • Tinto de verano (summer wine—usually red wine with a lemon soda)

For more information on Spanish food, check out our post here: Spanish Tapas


Ovejas Negras

  • BEST restaurant in Sevilla
  • Modern Tapas
  • If you go early for either lunch / dinner before the locals eat you’ll have a better chance of getting a table
  • Must try: Mushroom Risotto, Chinese Ravioli
  • Hours: 1:30-4:00pm / 8:30pm-12:00am

Cien Monteditos

  • Cheap / Quick meal
  • 100 little sandwiches on the menu (usually between 1-2 euros each)
  • Good place to get a cheap drink / snack

Mercado lonja del Barranco

  • Has a variety of food to try inside
  • They have a homemade croqueta booth with a lot of unique kinds
  • Nice seating area outside
  • Near the Triana Bridge / River

Freiduría El Salvador

  • We’ve really only been here for drinks but it has a nice outdoor seating area
  • It’s always very busy at night
  • Close to the city center

Phoenix Pub

  • This has typical pub food (burgers, nachos)
  • Menus are in English / bartenders speak English
  • Great place to go to watch sporting events (TV’s everywhere)
You can find some cool outdoor bars along the river that serve GREAT mojitos! (:


  • Be aware of gypsy women holding  rosemary in the city center (they will try to tell you your fortune and ask for money–just say no if they approach you). 
  • All shopping stores / grocery stores will be closed on Sundays so plan any shopping accordingly.
  • Spanish lunch is between 2:00pm-4:00pm (some stores will close during this time for a Siesta).
  • Dinner time is usually 9:00pm-11:00pm but in the summer months they eat very late.
  • Nice area to explore is Santa Cruz (region behind the Cathedral) filled with small streets and little tapas bars.
  • Also along the river (on the opposite side from the center on the Triana side) there is a street called Calle Betis lined with bars that have outdoor seating and a nice view of the river.
  • Almost everything is in walking distance to each other so as long as you stay in a place near the city center you should be fine!
  • Check out our friends at Feelin Sevilla for a Tapas Tour in Sevilla (or a day trip outside the city to Ronda or Granada). Great company with personalized tours!


So, have you booked your trip to Sevilla yet??  Lucky for us, we’ll be back in this beautiful city on October 1st! Until then we plan to enjoy our time with family & friends. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about Spanish Tapas!

Adios, Amanda

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