Midwest Bachelorette

Hey everyone! Now that you’ve heard about Mark’s time on the Bachelor Party, it’s time for me to share what the girls did on our trip to Milwaukee. To be honest, Wisconsin was not very high on my bucket list, but this city is a pretty fun place to visit!

Group Pic
The whole beautiful gang!

After flying into Chicago, and spending a night at Lisa’s parents house (the bride to be), we drove about an hour to Milwaukee. We stayed at the Brewhouse Inn & Suites. This was one of the coolest hotels I’ve ever stayed at! This hotel was once the first Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery and has a lot of cool accents from it’s historic past.

Brewhouse Inn & Suites

After settling into the hotel, we headed out to rent Bubbler bikes and ride around the city. We ended up biking to the water front of Lake Michigan. This was my first time seeing a Great Lake, and it felt more like an Ocean to me!


After our bike ride, we cleaned up for dinner at La Merenda Bar & International Tapas. Obviously I was excited for this dinner because I love tapas! But this place was not just focused on Spanish food, rather it served small dishes from all over the world! Since we were a large group, they offered us 9 small dishes of appetizers (chosen by the chef) for us to try. It ended up being a fairly inexpensive dinner and we ate A LOT of delicious food!

The following day we indulged some more and went on a Bloody Mary Brunch Tour. I personally am not a fan of Bloody Mary’s but our tour guide also offered us Mimosas at each stop, so I was able to have those instead!

Sweet Potato pancake with pulled pork on top!

We learned a little about the history of Milwaukee on this tour and tried a lot of yummy treats along the way! Our tour guide also gave us suggestions for places to go later in the day. Milwaukee Food & City Tours offers a variety of tours around the city!

The Bride to be, Lisa

After our brunch tour, we finished the afternoon with some shopping before heading back to the hotel to rest. Our dinner reservations for the night were at Swig. Rumor has it, this is one of Oprah’s favorite restaurants when she is in Milwaukee! The food here was very good, but this place is a little more expensive than our first dinner. The atmosphere is very nice and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a good place to eat!


After dinner, we headed out to the Pedal Tavern. This was my FAVORITE part of the trip!! Essentially, you bring your own drinks and a group of people can pedal on a moving bar. The pedal tavern stops at a few bars along the way for you to get off and get more drinks! We were able to hook up phones to play our own music and it was such a fun time.


The following morning we went to breakfast at the Comet Cafe, a nice little spot with a variety of breakfast/lunch foods! Before heading back to Chicago, we were able to stop at the Harley Davidson Museum. Although we didn’t go inside the Museum, it was fun to see the outside and visit the gift shop!


There are lots of things to do and see in Milwaukee. I would highly recommend this city if you are a fan of beer (since it is home to PBR and Miller Light). Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for a brewery tour but I would definitely add that to your list of things to do when in Milwaukee!

Mark’s Mom (AKA Mother of the Groom)

Check out the video we made about our time in Milwaukee!




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