Plitvice Lakes National Park

Hi everyone! Once again, it’s been too long since we’ve last posted and we’ve resolved to get better at keeping up with the blog. (There are a few new adventures in our near future we’re excited to share with you). But right now it’s time to focus on our 10-day trip through Croatia. While staying in Zadar, we took a day trip to a famous National Park, called Plitvice Lakes.


It’s really easy to buy bus tickets at the Zadar station to get to Plitvice (I recommend getting them at least a day before since in the peak season the busses seem to fill up) and it takes between 1.5-2 hours each way. When you first arrive, you can purchase tickets at the visitor center to get into the National Park. The cost varies depending on time of year (students can get a discount so don’t forget your IDs)! Be prepared to pay anywhere from $10-$30 depending on the month. For more information about ticket prices, check out this link here.


Plitvice Naitonal Park is known for it’s crystal clear blue lakes & waterfalls. The minerals in the water change the color of it, so each lake you come across seems to be a different shade of blue. You can even see the fish swimming around in some parts of the water it’s so clear!


Plitvice National Park accounts for 73,350 acres of land and 16 lakes. It was first founded in 1949 and became protected land when it was recognized as a World Heritage site by the UN in 1979.


There are a few different routes you can take, depending on which entrance you start at. We were amazed to find beautiful waterfalls and natural landscapes around every corner. The walkway is relatively easy to follow, but there is a great deal of walking involved in visiting Plitvice, so be prepared! (Comfortable shoes are a necessity here).


The route we chose to take was about 4 hours long. We had packed a lunch in our backpack with plenty of water, so we were able to take a break every now and then. There is also a boat ride included in the ticket, to bring you across one of the larger lakes. The area where you catch the boat has a lot of picnic tables, food stands and even a souvenir shop–so in case you forget a lunch, you’ll eventually come across this! (They are a bit expensive, so if possible, try to gather some things from a local grocery store before heading to Plitvice). The different routes are all clearly labeled by letters so it’s very simple to get around the park.


The best part about our day at Plitvice was the peace & quiet! Once we were able to get on our way along the path, we separated from the crowds. Occasionally, we would pass other visitors, but it was a very serene experience! There was something magical about the color of the azure water, contrasting with the bright green trees.


Plitvice can easily be visited from Zadar or Split. We highly recommend taking the time away from the bustling Croatian cities to spend sometime in this National Park.


Check out this video blog to get a sense of what a day in Plitvice is really like & stay tuned for our next post about our 4 days in Split!

Best, Amanda

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