A day in Salzburg

Salzburg is the perfect day trip from Munich or Vienna by train. It is a city of music, and is especially notable as being the filming location for the classic film: The Sound of Music. If you’re a fan of this movie, the city is a dream, but if you’re not a fan – there are plenty of beautiful things to do and see in order to experience the magic of Salzburg. We’ve devised two different morning itineraries depending on your preference below.

If you’re a fan of the Sound of Music, spend your morning doing:

The Sound of Music Tour

Only about a fifteen minute walk from the train station, you’ll find the Panorama Tours Bus Terminal. They offer an extensive 4-hour tour of the filming locations for the Sound of Music. You can purchase tickets for either the 9:15am or 2:00pm departure. I would recommend doing this in the morning so you have the rest of the day ahead of you to explore Salzburg. For information regarding this experience, check out our previous post here: The Sound of Music Tour.

If you’re not a fan of the Sound of Music, spend your morning visiting:

Schloss Hellbrunn

Leaving the Salzburg train station, bus 25 takes you out to this magnificent palace. It takes about 30 minutes so it’s best to do this first thing, and then make your way back into the city center. Schloss Hellbrunn was actually used as one of the filming locations for the Sound of Music, but offers so much more than that. (Those on the Sound of Music tour will get to experience this from the outside only). When you visit separate from the tour, you are able to go inside this stunning palace, as well as see the trick fountains. These outdoor water fountains have been around since 1615 and certainly are a sight to see!

Mozart Birthplace

After leaving Hellbrunn, you’ll want to catch either Bus 25 (again) or the 840 to get you back to downtown. This will take another 25 minutes or so. Like I mentioned earlier, Salzburg is the city of music, but that’s not just because of the classic movie filmed there. Famous composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg. You can actually visit both the house he was born in, as well as his residence in later years – but I would recommend the birthplace if you are short on time. This museum gives you a better overview of the Mozart family and holds some unique artifacts.

  • Cost: €12 (€18.50 for combo ticket with Residence)
  • Learn more here: Mozart’s Birthplace
  • Estimated time needed: 1-2 hours

Lunch at Goldene Kugel

After the Sound of Music tour, or your morning of exploring Hellbrunn & Mozart’s home – you’ll be ready for lunch. Make your way downtown, where you’ll find plenty of great options. We recommend Goldene Kugel Tavern if you’re looking to try some Austrian cuisine. They are situated in a historic building that dates back to 1327!

Hohensalzburg Fortress

After you grab a bite to eat downtown, we recommend making your way up to the fortress that overlooks Salzburg. You can purchase an inclusive ticket that allows you to take a funicular up and down, or choose to walk the uphill path to get there. There are multiple museums inside the fortress as well as a panorama tower where you can get great views of the city and surrounding Austrian Alps.

  • Cost: €10 – €16.30 (depending on ticket type)
  • Reserve your spots online here: Fortress Tickets
  • Estimated time needed: 2 hours

Salzburg Cathedral

When you make your way down from the Fortress, it’s time to take a stroll through the city center. You can visit the Salzburg Cathedral for free, and take in the stunning architecture. (A few of these areas downtown may also be recognizable in scenes from the Sound of Music, but are not included in the tour so it’s a beautiful place for a walk).

  • Cost: Free but donation requested or €5 for guided tour
  • Learn more here: Salzburg Cathedral
  • Estimated time needed: 1 hour

Mirabel Gardens

Finally, as you make your way to catch your train or bus leaving Salzburg, be sure to stop at Mirabel Gardens. (They are not included in Sound of Music bus tour but the famous Do-Re-Mi song was filmed there so it’s fun to re-enact). These gardens are an iconic sight in Salzburg, with great views of the Fortress in the distance – so worth the stop as you leave the city.

  • Cost: Free
  • Estimated time needed: 30 minutes

I’ve been lucky enough to take two separate day trips to Salzburg from Munich. One during Springtime with Mark and one in December to see the Christmas markets with the girls. Next time I visit, I would like it to be for longer than a day so I can get to know everything this city has to offer. Until that time, I hope this post is helpful in guiding you on the perfect day in Salzburg!

Cheers, Amanda

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