Been there, ate that

Going along with the theme of our previous post, Been there, drank that, we decided it’s time to share some stories of the most incredible meals we’ve had around the world! (And we’ve had some really good food).

Beef Bourguignon

I’ve put this first, because it’s the meal I had at one of our favorite restaurants in Paris: Le Vieux Bistrot. Located in the Latin Quarter, this charming spot offers a fixed menu, fondue options, along with other classic French dishes. The beef bourguignon was one of the best meals I’ve ever had there! We loved the restaurant so much, we went back our last night to enjoy another meal there. I’m still dreaming of the day I can visit Paris and eat here again.

Mushroom Risotto

After Le Vieux Bistrot, a close second for our favorite restaurant is Ovejas Negras in Sevilla, Spain. This place was recommended to us by a local friend and we stumbled upon it while Mark’s brother was visiting us. All three of us were blown away by how amazing each tapas dish was, but especially dazzled by their mushroom risotto! Ovejas Negras does a modern twist on tapas, so not everything is Spanish food. (Sadly the only photo I have of the risotto also features the chicken wings and patatas bravas but you can admire how amazing all 3 dishes look!)


Our very first experience with Ceviche was on our trip to Peru in April 2019. We waited until we were in Lima to find a nice spot and it did not disappoint! Ceviche is raw fish cured with citrus juice (either lemon or lime), and spiced with chili peppers and onions – however there are many varieties of it. I typically have a difficult time with raw fish, but the flavors were so incredible, I almost forgot what I was eating! The photo above is the dish that Mark got, which was half ceviche and half friend fish. We were able to watch them prepare the ceviche dishes from where we were sitting, which showed us how fresh the fish truly was!


A panini from Panini Toscani is a must-do when visiting the capital of Tuscany. When my work trip took me to Florence for a few days, I made a point to try this spot out (which had been recommended by a few good friends). Now when I say getting a sandwich from here is an experience – I mean it. Don’t dismiss this spot if you see a line outside, as it moves quite fast and it’s done on purpose. They only allow about 6-8 people inside at a time for a tasting. You’re able to sample the various meats and cheeses, while one of the employees explains the parts of Italy they are from! When you go up to the counter to build your own panini, you already know exactly what you like.

Fish & Chips

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not a big fish eater but when in Ireland on our family vacation, I had to give it a try. Something about fresh fried fish was calling my name, especially after a day of following the Wild Atlantic Way along the Ring of Kerry. Our last stop was in Cahersiveen, the town where Mark’s great grandmother was born. It was a special moment for him and his Dad to visit the church where she was baptized together, so when we sat down for a meal there – everyone was in high spirits. It’s one of the fondest memories I have from that trip. We ate at Quinlan & Cooke and it was one of the best fish & chips meals we had the entire trip!


It’s hard to explain but my mouth is watering simply looking at this picture! Mark and I had a blast visiting Belgium in January 2016, and while we mostly drank a lot of good beer – this particular sandwich was the highlight of our meals. One of the local guides we met in Brussels recommended we try a mitraíllete (which translates to machine gun in French). He equated it to Belgian junk food or something you’d grab on the way home from a night of debauchery with friends. It can be made with kebab meat or chicken, and is usually filled with veggies, fries and a spicy sauce. (I mean, fries in a sandwich – why didn’t I think of that??) We loved it so much, we got a second one during the short 3 days we were there.

Curry Wurst

We first traveled to Germany on a trip to Cologne in 2015 to visit the Christmas markets. It was here we were first introduced to curry wurst! It is simply bratwurst cut up and covered in a curry sauce with curry powder. It’s a bit spicy, but perfect to snack on while exploring the markets. Ever since that first trip to Germany, we’ve made it a point to get curry wurst each time we go back!


This delicious pancake was enjoyed at the Pancake Bakery in Amsterdam on our second trip back there with our Moms. They have both sweet and savory pancakes that are larger than your face! (Keep in mind that the pancakes are thin but very filling). It was one of the best breakfasts we’ve had while traveling!


Katun Paulina in Split, Croatia is a small sandwich shop, with no indoor seating and simply a few benches outside. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like anything special but after reading about it in a fellow travel bloggers post, it was on our radar to try! Their most famous sandwich is call cevapi, which is filled with minced sausage meat and a slightly spicy red sauce. We sat outside with two beers and devoured these sandwiches after a long day of sightseeing! It was inexpensive, delicious and the perfect quick meal.


While visiting Prague for a few days, our guide recommended Lahudky, a small deli and sandwich shop not far from the city center. On our last day in Prague we stopped here for lunch. The women behind the counter did not speak English but they had a display of all these beautiful open faced-sandwiches (chlebíčky) on display. We sort of pointed to a few that looked good and she put them on a plate for us. It was a gamble that paid off! While we stood at a counter to eat (no seats inside), we watched countless locals come in and out to grab their food. We were happy to find an authentic spot to enjoy a quick (and inexpensive) lunch!

Toucan Burger

The first time I visited Lagos, Portugal was when I studied abroad in Sevilla for a semester during college. It was the first time I was introduced to the famous Nah Nah Bah. It’s home to one of the world’s top 50 burgers, called the Toucan Burger (pictured above). When Mark and I made two separate trips back to Lagos during our time living in Spain, we made it a point to stop here each time with friends. It’s an incredibly fun atmosphere as well. If you’re feeling frisky you can even choose a promiscuous shot to take!

Le Vieux Bistrot

I hope this post leaves you hungry – hungry for new adventures and delicious food!

Au revoir, Amanda

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