Been there, ate that: Dessert Edition

So we’ve spent some time talking about the best meals and drinks we’ve had around the world, we thought it was time to focus on what truly matters: dessert! I’ve always had a sweet tooth so seeking out delicious delicacies while on the road is a must. As Marie Antoinette (supposedly) said, “let them eat cake!”


Well since I said it, we might as well start here! One of the best places we’ve enjoyed a piece of cake was at Ruszwurm Cafe in Budapest. While it looked busy when we first stepped in, after just a few minutes we were able to get a table, some tea and slices of cake we picked out from a glass case at the front. It’s hard to go wrong with so many delicious looking options! This was the perfect afternoon respite after sightseeing at Fisherman’s Bastian and many laughs were shared here. Looking forward to getting back someday.

Churros con chocolate

Exactly one minute from our apartment in Spain was the cutest Churrería. On weekend mornings, especially in the cooler winter months, we would get churros and chocolate for breakfast! You place your order and watch them pump the batter into the sizzling oil, salivating until you can get your hands on one! At the school where we taught English, it was customary to bring in churros for everyone on your birthday. It’s important to note that hot chocolate in Spain is also much different than what we’re used to in the States, since it’s consistency is more like melted chocolate. This means it’s great for dipping, rather than drinking. (After eating the churros I always drank the hot chocolate that was leftover so it can be versatile). What I wouldn’t give to be standing inside that Churrería again!


A French Macaron is what I would deem an elite dessert. They’re difficult to make (I’ve tried), yet heaven to eat. Not to be confused with an American coconut macaroon, these small meringue based treat come in all types of flavors. There is something so magical about a sleeve of colorful macarons next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.


On a girls trip to Nashville for my Mom’s birthday, we made a point to grab breakfast at Five Daughter’s Bakery. And when I say breakfast, I mean a half dozen of the most amazing donuts! (They also have paleo & vegan donuts too). There’s nothing quite like a slightly warm and fluffy donut in the morning.


Quite possibly my personal favorite, gelato is one of the best deserts you can get when traveling! I’ve been lucky enough to visit Italy 3 times now, where the gelato is world class. It’s the perfect way to beat the Italian heat, whether enjoyed on the run to see more sights or on the Riviera soaking up the sun. The three best gelato spots I’ve been are Giolitti in Rome, Vivoli in Florence & Dondoli in San Gimignano. However, when it comes to gelato, it’s hard to disappoint me!


On a sightseeing tour in Brussels, our local guide recommended we look out for yellow vans selling waffles throughout the city. He insisted the touristy shops where they stack chocolate, whip cream and other candies on top of the waffles are not the real deal. A true Belgium waffle should be crisped with a little sugar sprinkled on before cooking. The following morning, we went on a hunt for the yellow van and found these classic waffles! The outside has a slight crunch from the sugar and the inside is soft and warm. It was a welcomed treat during a cold January morning on our visit.


A Trdnlík is made by wrapping dough around a stick, grilling it and sprinkling with sugar. As you can see from above, Prague has taken the trdnlík and found various ways to put a twist on it, such as turning it into an ice cream cone. While I did enjoy the pictured treat, a warm sugary trdnlík fresh off the grill is magic as well. Vendors and street stands sell this food all over the city, so it’s impossible to miss!


Of course I brought us back to Italy to talk about Tiramisu. This desert is made by dipping lady fingers in coffee, with a cream between the layers & coco powder on top. It’s the perfect blend of coffee and chocolate. One of the best we’ve ever had was in Florence! My mother-in-law still talks about it to this day because it was that good.

Food is a great way to connect with the local culture. Whether you’re sitting down for afternoon tea or grabbing a meal on the go from a street vendor; it’s one of the best ways we can begin to understand a new destination. Plus, any excuse for dessert – am I right?

Cheers, Amanda

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2 thoughts on “Been there, ate that: Dessert Edition

    1. Thank you!! Your blog is incredible. We also taught abroad in Spain for 2 years so a lot of the things you share are very relatable!


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