Wine Tasting in Tuscany

A trip to Italy isn’t complete without enjoying a little vino. What better place to do that than in Tuscany, arguably one of the most famous wine regions in the world! I’ve been lucky enough to visit twice and wanted to share some recommendations with you all.

My first trip to Tuscany was when we visited Italy with our Moms. We were staying in Florence for 3 days and decided to take a half day trip for the afternoon into the countryside. Out of ease, we used the tour company Ciao Florence and chose their Chianti Colors & Flavors trip.

The tour departs at 2:30pm and includes transportation from downtown Florence to two vineyards. At each spot, you’re able to tour the vineyard and eventually enter the wine cellar for a tasting. We were able to try a variety of Chianti wines, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. They also had snacks for us, including some Italian cheeses and meats. At our first stop the owners even surprised us with a shot of their homemade grappa (Italian brandy)! This entire afternoon tour experience was 46 euros per person and is great for anyone who is short on time in the area.

My Mom with the two brothers who own one of the wineries we stopped at

The people at the vineyard are incredibly passionate about their wines. They teach you the correct way to swirl in your glass, smell and taste the wine. If you’re looking for an easy escape from the city of Florence, I would highly recommend this tour company. They made everything so simple. All we had to do was sit back and enjoy the sights and wine!

My second trip to Tuscany was thanks to a work trip. We spent the morning exploring the village of San Gimignano before heading to Torciano Winery for lunch and a tasting. It was one of the highlights of my work trip.

Torciano Winery

Similar to my first experience in Tuscany, they had some snacks set up for us when we arrived. We began by learning the basics of wine tasting before they really kicked things off. Our host informed us, “the faster you drink, the more we pour!” Our entire group took advantage of that and we were able to try 8 different wines that afternoon. They also served an incredible homemade lasagna for lunch, which we enjoyed part of the way through the tasting.

San Gimignano overlooking the Vineyards

Similar to the tour we took with Ciao Florence, it costs 45 euros for a lunch and tasting at Torciano winery. You can view more information about this option here. (Keep in mind, if you do not have a rental car it will be difficult to get to this vineyard).

I’ll leave you with one final tip. If you’re searching locally for a Chianti wine from Tuscany, be sure to look for the black rooster symbol on the bottle to be sure it’s authentic. This symbol comes from the League of Chianti and requires this stamp of approval to be truly from this region.

Ciao, Amanda

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