About Us

Welcome to Live La Vida, and thanks for stopping by!  Since there are two of us writing this blog, we’d like to introduce ourselves. 


 IMG_1602  IMG_7439  IMG_9925

  • GoPro Video & Photographer
  • Basketball player
  • Beer drinker
  • Thrill seeker
  • Saint Anselm College Alumnus
  • Teacher


IMG_2230  IMG_9906  IMG_4131

  • Writer & Trip Planner
  • Ice-cream enthusiast
  • Goat lover
  • Harry Potter nerd
  • Saint Anselm College Alumna
  • Tour Consultant


IMG_2174  DCIM100GOPRO  IMG_1621

We both met at Saint Anselm College & have been together for 6+ years now. After graduation, we moved to Sevilla, Spain to work as English Teachers. We stayed there for 2 years before moving back to the USA last summer. Mark is currently working as a teacher & Amanda works as a Tour Consultant at Education First.

We’ve been to 18 different countries & made countless memories in each place. This blog is our place to share travel advice, reflect on our trips & inspire others to make time for adventure.


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