About Us!

Welcome to Live La Vida, and thanks for stopping by!  Since there are two of us writing this blog, we’d like to introduce ourselves. 


 IMG_6927  IMG_7439 IMG_9925

  • Basketball player
  • Beer drinker
  • Saint Anselm College Alumnus
  • English teacher (Sevilla, Spain)

“I have always had a craving for travel and exploration. I’ve been living in Sevilla, Spain for 2 years now. I hope throughout my journey you will allow me to share my experiences with you, as I explore Europe while making Spain my home. I know this sounds pretty great, but what makes this whole thing better, is that I have the chance to experience it with my partner in crime, and girlfriend, Amanda.”


IMG_2230  IMG_9906  IMG_4131

  • Ice-cream enthusiast
  • Goat lover
  • Saint Anselm College Alumna
  • English teacher (Sevilla, Spain)

“I was born & raised in New England but for the past two years I’ve called Spain home.  I love chocolate, going to the beach, quoting Harry Potter and hanging out with my Mom.  I promise to write about all the interesting things I see and do…including culture, weekend getaways, history and food (duh).  I can’t wait to bring you all along for the journey!”

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